Jimmy Brattain

Founder and art director of Serigraff-X and Sunset Volley Wear, Jimmy Brattain’s background stems from art. Receiving a National Scholastic Art award set in motion a ten year career in graphic art and advertising. A desire to create in three dimensions led Mr. Brattain to seek fulfillment in sculpting stone, “To create something that would last long beyond my lifetime was appealing. The joy of once again working with my hands came as a surprise”. The concept of art created in three dimensions lead Jimmy to interior design and eventually construction, receiving his contractor’s license in 2002 and founding Design Works, Inc.

He exhibits an unwavering commitment to produce homes and interiors that evoke the personality of his clients. “The visual importance of detail defines the character of a structure, thus the client. The process of guiding clients to a destination they did not know existed is truly rewarding”. With this mindset, Design Works’ latest project was fueled by an environmentally conscious client. The home is a certified LEED platinum project which was designed by Mr. Brattain and built by his firm. He now holds the designation of a Florida Green Building Coalition Qualifying Agent. As a result of this latest project, the firm’s commitment to sustainable building practices parallels it’s passion for innovative design.