3D computer model

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Solutions lie within the question. In some cases, the question however can not be answered without the ability to visualize the final result. Inspiration often comes fast and in the most unlikely places. A cocktail napkin rendering can convey a concept. Unfortunately most bankers lack the visualization skills necessary to grasp the intricacies that may have been omitted on the cocktail canvas. 3D modeling will sway decision makers.

3D Modeling is the technical art of developing a mathematical, wire frame representation of any three-dimensional object. 3D models could be displayed as an image in print using a process called 3D rendering or used in a computer simulation.

Architectural 3D Walkthroughs- Virtual tour of interior spaces
Architectural 3D Renderings- Photorealistic quality
Architectural 3D Animation- Perfect if your inventions have moving parts

Our services are not limited to architectural design:

  • Mechanical components
  • Mechanical Animation
  • Dies & Moulds
  • Furniture design

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