LEED Certified Home
Reminiscent of the famous Kohler commercial, the client came to me with one request. Rather than place a single faucet on my desk, she required the home be designed around a LEED Platinum Certification. I then began the task of educating myself on the LEED point system. After extensive research, it became clear that the home’s design needed to mirror the client’s sense of simplistic elegance as well as mid-west sensibility.

Luxury green living was our guiding mantra, a Prius with a Lamborghini body. I wanted visitors to focus on the beauty of the design rather than the green features.

~Jimmy Brattain

Design Awards:

  • Recipient of Energy Star for Homes
  • Recipient of the Florida Water Star Gold award, issued by the Southwest Water Management District
  • 2010 Aurora Award- Custom One of Kind over 1.5 million
  • 2010 Aurora Award- Green Construction
  • 2010 Aurora Award- Energy Efficient
  • 2010 Aurora Award- Solar Energy
  • 2010 Aurora Award- Water Wise
  • 2010 Aurora Award- Kitchen
  • 2010 Grand Aurora Award- Best Kitchen
  • 2010 Grand Aurora Award- Water Wise
  • 2010 Grand Aurora Award- Green Construction

LEED Certified Home